The idea that guided me in the development of the animation film below is to try and recruit our brains (for each and every patient) to strengthen the immune system in the body only by thinking and image of the process in the brain. Which will help us strengthen the body’s immune system.

The purpose of the animation film is to simulate the action of the body’s immune system in the closest possible way to reality. Thus, while watching the film and the image of the process in our brain over and over again, we can actually strengthen the body’s immune system and help to eliminate the cancer.

Unfortunately, I can not prove at this stage that this process works. I know of a lot of research and work being done these days in different parts of the world that recruit the thinking process in the brain to activate different robots or body parts. In most cases this is done by physically connecting different areas of the brain and using the electrical signals obtained in the thinking process in these areas to activate robots or parts of the body that receive the transmission.

The following case is different. The electrical signals generated during watching the film and the guided imagery that follows it are not transmitted to the body’s immune system. This technology is not in place today, and yet I hope that our brain can do the work and strengthen the immune system of the body and help in the healing process of cancer.