Let's Beat the Cancer with Guided Meditation

The Video Animation that will help your body fight and win


Guided Meditation as a Tool to Cure Cancer


After many years of research and hundreds of millions of dollars invested in searching for a cure to Cancer, many of the top researches in this field are admitting that the best way of fighting cancer is probably by strengthening our own body immune system and let it do the job.

Companies like ‘Novartis’ and ‘Kite Pharma’ are using patents developed by Prof. Zelig Ashchar from the Weitzman Institute in Israel and others where the blood is  taken from the patient, processed in the lab such that its immune system is strengthen, and then reinjected back to the patient in anticipation that the new reinforced immune system will fight the cancer cells and annihilate them.

The technique of reinforcing the T cells of the immune system has already proved itself to be efficient in some special cancers of leukemia and has cured many patients that until today had no chance of overcoming the cancer, but unfortunately it will take many more years to adapt this technique to other type of cancers and even then, it would be very costly and therefore not available to many people who would not be able to afford it.

Is there a way to shorten the time for those who are waiting for help today and make it available to all people of our society?

The idea behind the animation film that you are about to watch is to try to recruit our own mind (each patient’s mind) to strengthen the immune system of our body only by thinking and emulating the process in our mind.

We know that there are mirror neurons in our mind that are being activated only by thinking on a process without physically acting on it, so why not strengthening the immune system just by thinking and emulating the process in our mind?

The idea of this animation film is to watch the process as many times as possible and make our mind believe that it is actually doing it again and again.

Unfortunately, I cannot prove that it works. I know of many labs all over the world that are attaching electrodes to different parts in our brain and then by just thinking of an action they succeed in activating tools that are attached to these electrodes. The tiny electrical signal that is produced while we think is enough to trigger a robot that actually makes the final action.

Here, we take it a step farther. There are no electrodes and nothing is connected to the immune system, but I still believe that we can make the change and strengthen it just by watching the video film and thinking that we are doing it.

Even if we treat it as a Placebo medicine I think that it can make a difference.